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It starts with a big idea and trickles down to the smallest detail. From digital to print, we create compelling design paired with insightful storytelling to present your brand to the world.


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Alpha Media and Public Relations: Agency principal, Todd L. Sterling, has over 21 years of experience in broadcasting, media sales, and all aspects of the advertising industry. We also have to our credit experience as a broadcast writer, television show producer, executive producer, sports producer and marketer, video production, and political media consultant. We develop a personal relationship with the clients we do work for. We believe in a delivering a personal touch and approach to our clients work. We create advertising that moves, motivates, compels action, reinforces, changes attitude & behaviors, and brands.

The Founder in 1986
Alpha Media and Public Relations

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Alpha Media and Public Relations: Smart advertising starts with knowing your market. We believe strongly in basing marketing strategies on recent, accurate research, information, and market knowledge. Without it, you risk wasting your budget on the wrong audience, the wrong media, the wrong message or all three. Research and our knowledge provides the information you need to make informed decisions. It is essential in identifying market opportunities, creating the right messages, and determining the most cost-efficient media for delivering the message. Some of the mediums, among the others featured, we use are:

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Alpha Media and Public Relations:
Radio: A perfect medium to reach out to your market, in the home, car, at work, and at play. Radio is ubiquitous, and delivers consumers closest to the point of purchase.

Outdoor: The 24/7 medium that works around the clock for clients, and is the perfect marriage with a radio campaign, providing directional advertising, and branding.

Political Campaigns: From political media creative, placement, and management we understand political campaigns and delivers candidates messages to not just the masses, but the voting public.

Viral Marketing: The newest and fastest growing medium, we create online campaigns for the web, via email blast, Constant Contact, and Facebook.

Craig Freeman, LLC

Elected to EBR Parish School Board & Class Action Case Advertising campaign

"It is always a pleasure to work with Alpha Media. Todd and his team have national reach, but always make me feel like I'm their only client. They maintain an attention to detail only found with a local partner. Incredibly responsive, thoroughly knowledgable about the advertising industry and innovative in their approach. I can rest easier when Alpha Media is on the job. Every job is different for me - a cookie cutter approach would not work for my business. I appreciate Alpha Media's unique and innovative approach to every job.

We had the pleasure to work together on my campaign for East Baton Rouge School Board, and thanks to Alpha Media we got elected!! We also had the pleasure to work with Alpha Media on a Norplant Class Action notification, and we delivered for the law firm that hired us, and the members of the class.

Craig M. Freeman

Attorney Edward "Ted" James

Elected to Louisiana House of Representatives - political campaign

"In a political campaign, the best candidate stands no chance if his message can't get to voters. I credit Alpha Media for my election to the La House. From crafting our message, to getting my message out to a targeted audience, Alpha Media was vital to the success of our campaign. The professionalism and promptness of this company was astounding. I can't recall questioning the work and/or advice of Todd and his staff. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Alpha Media."

Ted James

Jon Phelps - Energy Director

Louisiana Association of Community Action Partnerships

"Todd Sterling has been there for us. Alpha Media not only produces great work, but Todd adds a personal touch that is tough to find anymore in our world today. We have produced effective television commercials, news print ads, billboards, as well as brochures and push cards together. I would definitely recommend Alpha Media as a top notch advertising provider."

Jon Phelps

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