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We are a full-service advertising agency with a refreshing emphasis on openness and foward-thinking, because we believe better work results from and open collaboration between agency and client.


We take pride in advertising solutions that get results, and provide our client with return on their investment. With over 29 years of experience we know what works in traditional media – TV, Radio, Outdoor & Print, and we also know multiplatform strategies – digital, social media, SEO, get your brand the results you need. We work very hard to ensure your message is heard and seen by those who need to hear and see it. Media negotiation experience also helps our clients get the maximum bang for their bucks!

Public Relations

Public Relations is another service that we provide that clearly communicates client’s messages and helps to execute responsive campaigns. From graphic design, printing, working with media & garnering media support, creating the right stakeholder or target list, and community outreach our PR efforts simply work!

Video Production

Video production services ranges from commercials, to corporate video, to video testimony or depositions, to non profit events, to sports TV shows. Each video project is a custom job that deserves the time and focus to tell the story clients want to impart. Let us know your video production needs and we will deliver your vision!

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Alpha Media and Public Relations: Smart advertising starts with knowing your market. We believe strongly in basing marketing strategies on recent, accurate research, information, and market knowledge. Without it, you risk wasting your budget on the wrong audience, the wrong media, the wrong message or all three. Research and our knowledge provides the information you need to make informed decisions. It is essential in identifying market opportunities, creating the right messages, and determining the most cost-efficient media for delivering the message. Some of the mediums, among the others featured, we use are:

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We are a full-service advertising agency with a refreshing emphasis on openness and forward-thinking, because we believe better work results from an open collaboration between agency and client.

Alpha Media and Public Relations: Agency principal, Todd L. Sterling, has over 25 years of experience in broadcasting, media sales, and all aspects of the advertising industry. We also have to our credit experience as a broadcast writer, television show producer, executive producer, sports producer and marketer, video production, and political media consultant. We develop a personal relationship with the clients we do work for. We believe in a delivering a personal touch and approach to our clients work. We create advertising that moves, motivates, compels action, reinforces, changes attitude & behaviors, and brands.

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